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The 3 natural pools of Cavu

Located in the municipality of Zonza, less than 10 minutes from the town of Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, the 3 natural pools of Cavu are a must-visit destination in Corsica. The natural pools are basins of bleached granite with rounded edges. This mineral composition explains the whiteness of the rocks lining the natural pools of Cavu. But it is also this white granite that gives the almost transparent color of the water.

These natural pools are fed by the crystal-clear waters of the Cavu River, creating natural and refreshing swimming spaces. The place offers an exceptional setting to escape the summer heat of Corsica.

In addition to swimming, the region offers various activities for a fulfilling day. Climbing enthusiasts can enjoy the local climbing park, offering challenges suitable for all levels. Waterfalls and challenging climbing rocks add an adventurous dimension to the experience.

A picnic by the river perfectly complements the day. Visitors can relax and enjoy the surrounding nature while savoring an outdoor meal. The peaceful atmosphere, soothing sounds of the river, and the view of unique rock formations contribute to making this place an oasis of peace.

For those seeking a relaxing break in the heart of Corsican nature, the natural pools of Cavu provide the perfect setting. Whether it's a family getaway, a day out with friends, or a moment of tranquility alone, this picturesque location ensures a memorable experience amidst the natural beauty of Corsica.

les 3 piscines de cavu en corse



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