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Hike to lac de Bastani

The trek to Lake Bastani is a truly enchanting experience! Facing the majestic Mount Renoso (2,352 m), Lake Bastani stands proudly as one of Corsica's highest lakes, perched at an elevation of 2,092 meters. Nestled in the watershed of the Fiumorbo River, the journey commences at the Ghisoni-Capanelle ski resort. Along the serpentine path, hikers find themselves immersed in subalpine vegetation, surrounded by awe-inspiring panoramic vistas.

After a 45-minute ascent, you reach an altitude of 1,893 meters on the Pizzolo plateau, where a surprising expanse of lush grass awaits, providing a picturesque grazing ground for the resident cows. Following this idyllic and photogenic interlude, it's time to press on towards Lake Bastani. Just a little more effort!

At an elevation of 2,090 meters, behold—the stunning Lake Bastani. Formed by glacial processes, this lake remains frozen for seven months of the year. Despite its expansive surface area of 4.4 hectares and a depth of 24 meters, swimming is not permitted.

  1. Location and Accessibility:

  • Lake Bastani is located in the central part of Corsica, in the mountainous region near the town of Ghisoni.

  • The trek to Lake Bastani typically starts from the Ghisoni-Capanelle ski resort, which serves as a popular starting point for various hikes in the area.

  • The region is known for its rugged terrain, dense forests, and panoramic views of the Corsican mountains.

  1. Hiking Trail and Scenery:

  • The trail leading to Lake Bastani offers a challenging yet rewarding hike through subalpine vegetation. Hikers can enjoy the changing landscapes and biodiversity as they ascend.

  • The path takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the Pizzolo plateau, providing hikers with a picturesque meadow and an opportunity to encounter local fauna, such as grazing cows.

  1. Lake Characteristics:

  • Lake Bastani is one of the highest lakes in Corsica, situated at an elevation of 2,090 meters.

  • It has a glacial origin, and due to its high altitude, the lake remains frozen for a significant portion of the year.

  • The lake covers an area of 4.4 hectares and has a depth of 24 meters.

  1. Activities and Restrictions:

  • While the lake's stunning beauty attracts nature enthusiasts and photographers, swimming is typically not allowed due to the low temperatures and the preservation of the ecosystem.

  • The surrounding area provides opportunities for bird-watching, enjoying alpine flora, and taking in the breathtaking views of the Corsican mountains.

  1. Seasonal Considerations:

  • The accessibility of the trail and the conditions around Lake Bastani can vary with the seasons. It's essential for hikers to be well-prepared, especially during the winter months when the lake is frozen.

  1. Local Attractions:

  • The Ghisoni-Capanelle area offers additional attractions, including other hiking trails, mountain landscapes, and the Corsican ski resort.

Visitors are encouraged to check local regulations, weather conditions, and trail statuses before embarking on the trek to Lake Bastani. The journey provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of Corsica's mountainous interior.



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