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Bonifacio stands out as the picturesque gem of the Isle of Beauty. Stretching across 70 kilometers of coastline, it boasts numerous beaches with crystalline waters such as Rondinara, Balistra, the Gulfs of Santa Manza, Canetto, and Petit Sperone. The Bonifacio Strait is a captivating area, perfect for exploration with the many boats offering trips to the caves or the renowned Lavezzi Islands. This medieval city is truly one of the jewels in the Mediterranean crown. The Lavezzi Islands, a protected natural reserve, form a fascinating archipelago of granite islands adorned with sandy beaches—an absolute paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

A helpful tip: To make the most of your day in Bonifacio during the peak season, consider starting your journey early. If you hit the road by 8 am, you'll avoid long waits and ensure a delightful experience around Bonifacio.



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