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A Personalized Photo Session

Price to be determined.


We are delighted to offer you an even more memorable experience to complement your vacation in Corsica. Imagine capturing the very essence of your stay through the lens of a professional photographer, creating memories that will last a lifetime. We are excited to introduce you to the talented photographer Sanne and her special photo sessions dedicated to the Island of Beauty.

Meet Sanne: Sanne, our dedicated photographer, is a passionate artist who excels in capturing precious moments and breathtaking landscapes. With a unique artistic perspective, she will illuminate the natural beauty of Corsica while capturing the elegance and authenticity of your experience in our luxurious vacation villas.

Personalized Photo Session: Each photo session with Sanne is a tailor-made experience, designed to reflect your personal style and the unique aspects of your stay. Whether you choose a sunrise session on a secluded beach, an exploration of the picturesque alleys of Corsican villages, or an evening session on the terrace of your vacation residence, Sanne adapts to your preferences to create images that tell your story.

Book Your Session: To immortalize your stay in Corsica through exceptional photographs, we encourage you to book your exclusive photo session with Sanne today. Create visual memories that will transcend time and testify to the splendor of your vacation. For more details and to plan your personalized photo session,

Please contact us at +33 (0)6 30 99 07 91.

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